Vehicle Finance for Blacklisted People in South Africa

Blacklisted Vehicle Finance

Blacklisted Vehicle Finance

Buy a car on a rent to own program. We offer inhouse vehicle finance to blacklisted individuals or people with bad credit  via our rent to own program.  Cars are bought on rental or rent to own basis.Don’t let being blacklisted ruin your life. If you are blacklisted and need a car, get back to us and we will assist you. If you are working and commuting a car is an essential of your life, or if you have a family to transport and trying to get car finance for blacklisted people is difficult. Guaranteed vehicle finance is available with car finance no deposit. Use our vehicle finance calculator to see how much you can afford per month.

We rebuild Your Credit History with our Vehicle Finance

The plus side  applying for vehicle financeeven if you are blacklisted will be the ability to  rebuild  and build your credit history and status. The lower your credit rating the more you are charged on your interest rates for personal loans, credit cards, and mortgages.A lot of credit providers are not even willing to give money to people that have a poor credit history. Car lenders that deal with people who have bad credit applications will sometimes take a chance on such a person only because the loan is secured by that vehicle which means that if you default on your car loan, they just take the car back, it is repossessed. We offer you an opportunity to rebuild your credit history by taking vehicle finance with us which means when you make your monthly payments faithfully, and promptly you are improving your score.

We offer offer a wide range of vehicles and will do their best to help you find the vehicle you want for blacklisted car finance South Africa. Whether you are looking for an entry level car like a Volkswagen Citi Golf or Hyundai Getz or need a sedan like a Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Corolla or Yaris, we will help. If you qualify you will even be able to drive a more expensive car like a BMW or Mercedes-Benz we are there to assist you every step of the way. We are able to worj within your budget, and we are even able to offer No Deposit Cars.